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Elevator and Cab Selection

When it comes to elevator, most people first imagine of cold and narrow boxes which they will use for a short time in order to reach the desired floor.

Indeed, people think that the elevators only consist of the cabin and ignore the other things such as machine room, cables, security systems. And this is normal, because people have no relations with elevators other than the limited time they spend in cabin.

Elevator selection in aesthetical way

Although the above mentioned are the technical parts of the issue, elevator selection is not limited with that. Today, as in all cases, the aesthetic and elegancy of elevators are also taken into consideration. And this brings the selection of elevator cab into agenda. Since hoists and freight lifts are important for their carrying capacities, the aesthetic concept may be ignored but for the other types of elevators, the case is just the opposite. For example in a shopping mall, in case the elevator cabs are attractive as much as the elegancy of the place and intended for easy and comfortable use of the people, this will surely make the interfloor journey and thus the shopping more enjyable by increasing the prestige of that shopping mall as well as turning the elevators into a part of it.

What should the issues to be considered when selecting elevator cab?

Determining the way of use for the elevator is a process that is effective in elevator selection. After the elevator selection is made, comes the selection of elevator cabin's turn.  For example, the first thing to be considered in selection of the elevator that will carry patients should be obviously the safe and easy transportation of the patients. Since safe transportation is solved by the selection of elevator, the remaining thing is the cabin selection. The first thing to be considered in selection of elevator cabins that will carry patients is the lighting of the cab. A natural and nicely illuminated cabin may eliminate the cold effect of the hospital that the most patients feel, and relax and help people to feel themselves better. The things to be done should not be only limited with lighting. The selection of interrior design of the cab in a way to feature the lighting is one of the steps to be taken for increasing the relaxing effect of the environment.

The same reason is applicable for houses, offices and shopping centres as well. The selection of cabs and floor doors in a suitable way to the interrior structure of the buildings shall increase the quality and aesthetic of the environment.

Although various options given in the elevator cabins makes the selection difficult, a combination with desired characteristics and beauty is always possible.

Wall covering materials used in cabins are laminated (phosphormic or monolithic), laminated glass, special stone, leather, wood and decorative stainless steel and special monolithic covering for various models. It is possible to use them individually or combined with each other. Other than the covering; a full or half length mirror on rear wall, single or double hand rail, four types of natural granite and PVC for the floor, laser cut ceiling, glass ceiling, spot, special LED ceiling, stainless glass and 24 different laser cut ceiling options are present as accessories. Moreover, four types of different panaromic elevator cabins and 7 different types of elevator doors are present.

There are 21 types of cabin models in which such materials are used, and it is possible to design different cabins from the combinations of such materials optionally.