Lift Models

Electric Elevators

Electric elevators, starts to move through the signal and command comes from control panel.

Electric Elevators

This elevators, moves by friction of the steel rope with traction pulley through the signal and command from the control panel.

It is a mechanism moves the elevator up, down and horizontal. Lift car works with counterweight. Lift car and the counterweight are nearly the same weight. Thus energy save is ensured. This kind of traction machine called as friction traction elevator. Also the elevators which works by chain or rope winding the traction pulley are called as tumbling lifts.

According to the carrying capacity ;
• Residential Lifts : 7 types such as; 100 kg, 180 kg, 240 kg, 320 kg, 400 kg, 630 kg, 1.000 kg and over carrying capacity
• Lifts used on the other buildings except residents: 5 types such as; 630 kg, 800 kg, 1.000 kg, 1.200 kg, 1.600 kg and over carrying capacity
• Lift used on health facilities: 3 types such as; 1.600 kg, 2.000 kg, 2.500 kg carrying capacity
According to the speed there are 5 types such as; 0,63 m/s, 1 m/s, 1,6 m/s, 2,5 m/s and over speed