Automatic Elevator Doors
Fermator Automatic Car Door

Fermator Automatic Car Door

Fermator automatic landing doors are vailable for low, commercial buildings, airports, hotels and official buildings, middle and high consistency buildings, residences, .

  • Kod : Fermator
  • Available for high consistency buildings

Product Details:

Fermator doors are manufactured according to International Lift Directives and EN 81-1/2, ASME A17.1-2000, 81-58, UL 10B EN.

  • Supply voltage is 220 V DC
  • VVVF or Mechanical options
  • Open-close signal, It can be single or double
  • Signal voltage 12 V-230 V AC or DC
  • Nominal speed 900 Rpm.
  • Maximum opening speed 1.00 m/s.
  • Maximum closing speed 0.60 m/s.

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